Friday, January 28, 2011

Online Class Environments (2)

Following on from my last post, and thinking about the big ideas that underpin elearning pedagogy, I've decided to create multiple online environments to document students learning journeys. This will hopefully provide them with greater opportunities to document various aspects of their learning in ways which I never explored last year.

This is a progression from last year, where my focus was on establishing a class wikispace. It focussed mainly on showcasing students finished work. It wasn't until the end of the year that I started thinking about how I could use digital tools to capture the process as well as the product.

Here is an example, click on the image to enlarge it.

The idea here was to capture a student's planning process through to her writing a draft copy of a simple informational report on a rainforest animal. The template for the planning process was created using Inspiration software. There are many resources available to help with this process. This particular template I used was one in a CD series created by Jacqui Sharp

As well as developing the process and product aspect of documenting students learning journeys via wikis, I've finally got around to establishing individual students blogs. Much has been written about the benefits students derive from blogging, and I'm quite keen to see how my students go with this ... I'm pretty sure they will love it.

For student blogs I'm using kidblog. I choose this platform as it enables the teacher to moderate blogs and restrict viewing options, plus it is so simple to set up.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for mentioning Inspiration Software in your blog post. I'm curious though, did you create your visual diagram using our desktop product, Inspiration 9, or our online web-based tool, Webspiration Classroom service?

    Jacqui Sharp has some great resources and she's very knowledgeable about visual learning and Inspiration Software tools. I'm happy you found her template!

    I'd love to connect with you further on our blog, Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to email me at connect(at) as well.

    Thanks again for sharing your diagram!

    Sarah Cargill, Inspiration Software